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ATEB has completed a number of Section 166 Skilled Persons reviews - here are some of the lessons learnt.

MiFID II PROD rules require firms to ensure products and funds are matched to the the right 'target market' clients.

Senior Managers & Certification Regime will apply to all FCA regulated firms from 9 December 2019 - are you ready?

Firms that deal with a DFM on an agent as client basis could be exposed to hidden risks.

Many providers, platforms and adviser firms are not yet properly compliant with the aggregated costs disclosure requirements.

Many cash flow models are not compliant with FCA rules on growth assumptions. Are yours?

Firms that advise on DB transfers need a process for assessing Transfer Risk.

Many firms have not amended their status disclosure to reflect the MiFIDII definition of independence.

Audit and Health Checks

Feel the need for a check-up?

When was the last time you went to see the doctor?

Apparently, many of us are doctor averse, even though we fully understand the potential consequences of delaying a visit to the friendly GP. Perhaps it is not surprising therefore that firms do not like having their regulatory temperature felt and dread the thought of a full blown visit from the FCA.

This is where ATEB can help. Ask yourself how good it would feel to welcome the man in the grey suit from Canary Wharf with open arms, knowing that you run a tight compliance ship? Before you can do this, you need to assess your current regime by undertaking a thorough and objective audit. ATEB has been undertaking such audits for many years.

Our objectively graded audit report provides you with a critical assessment of your current standards (ranging from Excellent to Serious), a thorough analysis of each regulatory area and a concise compliance action plan. The charge for this audit will depend on your firm’s profile *

Furthermore, audit costs may be discounted should you decide to take a regular support package (see our ‘Hands-On Compliance’ service).

* The audit will include detailed interviews and documented analysis. It will take a minimum of 2.5 man days to complete.